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Posted by League Funnies on Saturday, February 4, 2017

Step 2 – Extra chances

Lolskinshop February Giveaway All winners will be drawn at random using the giveaway tool from If you win, we will check your name towards the likes, shares, and comment of our main Facebook giveaway post. Good luck
Giveaways - Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

1 entry = 1 vote, when the giveaway is over, 10 random votes will be drawn and thoose 10 are the winners. You can do as many entrys as possible, some entrys reset every day. Good luck!

Giveaways ? Is it Legit?

Short answer, yes it is! Long answer, we want to get more social media apparence and links, and the best way we can do that is to get the public involved, and give out products in return for their job. When you submit to the give away, you will be added to the content, and Gleam, the provider will automaticly draw the winners, I have no controll over it. When a winner is drawn, I will know, and you will be contact with delivery information of your prices

Can I enter many times?

Some options has daily options that you can use, to maximize your chances of winning!

What will you give away in the future?

We will give away League of Legends skins, accounts, smurfs, elo boosts, and skin codes!

I hate giveaways, its all a lie to get publicity

As mentioned above, we are legit, feel free to browse our website, especially our review section below, we have worked with some of the biggest entertainers in League of Legends for a reason! You dont have to look further then right below this text to find our reviews and feedback!
Previous winners
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