How To Get Free Weapon Skins In Valorant

How To Get Free Weapon Skins In Valorant

Is there any free Weapon Skins that can be earned without spending money on Valorant? 


The answer is, YES! 


There are a lot of free skins that you can get just by playing the game.

Valorant is one of the best shooter games that have been played for millions of people around the world. 

The new Riot 5vs5 competitive Shooter game is one of the most played shooters at the moment and the weapon skins are just amazing and there are a lot of them that you can get for free without spending any money.


Without spending money you can not get any crazy skins with animations and new sounds on Valorant for now, but You can surely get many cool secondary weapon skins that you can use with your agents.


How can you unlock free weapon skins?


Agents Contracts:


All of the Valorant Agents have 10 tiers contracts, in these contracts you can get gun buddies, sidearm weapon skin, and sprays. 


In order to unlock the agent, you must activate the contract and complete the agent contract so you can get all the rewards and weapon skin.


To activate the agent contract you need to:



  • Head on to the main menu of Valorant home screen
  • Click on the “agents” tab that is located on the top bar
  • Then select the agent in order to unlock it
  • Finally, click on “activate”
You can get one skin by completing each agent contract, each contract will give you a specific skin having in consideration the contract of the agent you’re doing.



Some skins will be available free for all players when they hit certain levels in the battlepass, while other skins will only be available if you pay 1000 VP on the battlepass.



You must play the game and earn XPs by completing the given missions in the game. Once you reach the final level of the Battle Pass, free skins will be unlocked and added to your colection.



If you don’t have the time to play the game in order to complete all the agents contracts of the battlepass but you want the skins for your weapons as fast as possible, there are also Valorant boosting options where the booster will play on your account and get the contracts done while ranking up your account in the ladder to get your desired rank for the cool gun buddies.



Here are some of the free skins you can get by simple playing the game without spending any VP:


All the missions on Valorant should be your focus if you want to complete all the agents contracts as soon as possible.


Daily missions will give you around 2000 XP and you will have always two to be done per day.


Besides daily missions you also have the weekly missions this are the ones you should try to complete because they will give you 5 times more than the daily ones and can get you 10000 XP, so you should always try to have all the weekly missions done before the week ends.


Who’s ready to play Valorant and get some frags while earning free skins? 


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