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  – The accounts for sale are created and leveled by us. When you purchase one of our accounts you become the legitimate owner, there is no way we can retrieve any account back since you validate the account to the email you choose or we provide the validated email if the account is already validated. We do not offer refunds.  


    – You agree not to log into your account and play ranked Solo/Duo Q games while we are working on your order, losing League Points due to your log in or even dropping from promotion series will result in additional costs. If you want to play ranked games on your account you should inform us beforehand and extra fees will be charged in case of losing games, if you play rankeds without notification we reserve the right to declare your order as completed. You can play any other game mode if you message us beforehand.   – We guarantee account safety and privacy under all circumstances.   – You accept that that the booster has the right to change your masteries and runes, and you accept that the booster may use Influence Points to buy Champions and Runes if your current ones are insufficient to complete the boost.   – A booster should start working with your account within 24 hours the payment has been received, but there could be a potential queue of up to 7 days between purchasing and initial progress made with your account. The completion times provided are just estimations, bronze-gold divisions usually take one day to be completed, diamond divisions may take 3 days or more, we do not guarantee completion and deliver times, but estimations provided are most of the time extremely accurate.   – If your boost has not started after 10 days of receiving your payment then you are entitled to a full refund. We do not provide full refunds once the boost has been started.

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