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ReverbNation Refund Policy FAQs

ReverbNation's goal is for users to be satisfied with the product subscriptions they purchase. We achieve this goal by providing, in some cases, trial subscriptions of our products so users can experience products before purchasing a subscription. In other cases we provide a full and detailed description of our products and subscriptions. Our applicable Refund Policy is set forth in our General Terms and Conditions, and applies to all product purchases.

As to trial subscriptions which subsequently convert to a paid subscription, we do not offer refunds for our products and services once the trial period has expired and you have elected to continue the subscription. We clearly describe the trial subscription conversion process, and the auto-renewal function of our subscriptions both in the subscription purchase flow and in the General Terms and Conditions. And where applicable, we provide email reminders of the expiration of the trial subscription and subsequent subscription conversion.

However, ReverbNation will provide a refund solely in the following cases:

  • 1) Product malfunction. In order to qualify for a refund in the event of product malfunction, the user must report the malfunction to support@reverbnation.com while the subscription is still active, so that we may verify the malfunction. "Product Malfunctions" which cannot be verified by ReverbNation are not eligible for a refund.
  • 2) Billing error. The user must provide either the cancellation confirmation number, or forward the cancellation confirmation email to show that the user unsubscribed before (not on or after) the renewal date of the applicable subscription.

Refund Policy FAQ

If I forget to cancel before the date my subscription auto-renews, am I eligible for a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Users can cancel at any point in time during the subscription period prior to the renewal date simply by visiting the Services section of their user account (User Menu > Settings > Services), or visiting here. A user must cancel each active subscription. The user will be provided with a cancellation confirmation number and cancellation confirmation email as to each subscription cancellation completed.

If I do not unsubscribe from a trial subscription, will it automatically terminate?

No. As described in the subscription purchase flow and our General Terms and Conditions, trial subscriptions automatically convert to an auto-renewing subscription at the expiration of the applicable trial subscription. The date at which the trial subscription expires and converts to an automatically renewing subscription is provided to you via your account, and via email. You are able to cancel a subscription at any time during your subscription trial period prior to expiration date within the Services section of your account (User Menu > Settings > Services).

What happens if I have charges on my account I did not authorize?

If we receive an "unauthorized charge" notice from you or your financial institution, we will attempt to take action to suspend your account for your protection from further fraudulent charges or unauthorized access — including the suspension of widgets, apps, profile pages, and any other public-facing presentation that we can affect. This will include the automatic suspension of the affected account.

For questions regarding our Refund Policy or the General Terms and Conditions, please contact support@reverbnation.com.