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An Invite-Only Artist Development Program
Exclusively for ReverbNation Artists

Emily Earle, ReverbNation Artist since 2012

A career in music — like all art forms — takes skill, time, and dedication to develop.

That’s where CONNECT comes in: a unique program designed to amplify the careers of those Artists who are ready to take the next step.

Work on your craft

Work On Your Craft

ReverbNation’s curation team listens to Artists' music on the site, so make sure your very best work is uploaded and ready to be heard.

Tell your story

Tell Your Story

Your music helps to set the stage, but your ReverbNation profile fills in the gaps. The more complete and up-to-date your profile is, the easier it is for the Curation Team to hear your story.

Dont let up

Don’t Let Up

Every time you upload a new song, update your event schedule, apply for a new opportunity, our team takes note. So the more you engage with your ReverbNation profile, the more you increase your chances of being discovered.

Bottom line: As long as you keep creating, we’ll keep listening.